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In recent years, greater prominence has been given to the bathroom when building a new home or remodeling. Bathroom design is one of our specialities, and we’re a seeing a shift in interior design trends.

In terms of decorating, you might not think of the bathroom as the most important room in the house. But stylish, well-decorated bathrooms can make a big statement, and some of the latest design trends bring a major wow factor to an otherwise boring space. We love incorporating custom details for our clients to make the bathroom really stand out.

From wooden tubs to geometric-patterned tile to eco-friendly fixtures, bathroom design has come a long way. Bathrooms no longer have to be utilitarian; they can be luxurious spaces that enhance your quality of life. There are out-of-the-box possibilities that can make your bathroom as stylish as it is functional. A professional interior designer can guide you through the possibilities.

Here are some of our favorites:

Warmer hardware – Polished silver and brushed chrome aren’t the only choice for fixtures anymore. More people are turning to warmer tones of bronze, copper and gold for knobs, faucets, shower heads and furniture accents. The warmer colors create a cozier, more inviting space.

Bold tiles – Tiles don’t have to be row after row of white subway rectangles. Fun shapes, colors and patterns are trendy right now. People are trading in plain white and beige for bolder colors and fun accents – sometimes even mixing and matching different tiles. The key is just not to overdo it. If you’re going to go bold, you want to balance it out with more calming neutrals.

Minimalist design – Generally, minimalist design includes clean lines, fewer objects in the room, sleek fixtures and sculptural lines. The look is elegant, tailored and calming. Some people are eliminating hardware altogether, opting instead for built-in handles that look streamlined.

Separate zones – Dressing areas, makeup benches and built-in closets are becoming more popular in bathroom design. There’s a trend toward separate wet and dry zones. Rather than one large space, there are individual spaces for dressing, water closets and makeup areas.

Mirror-mounted sconces – Sconces that are custom-mounted directly into the mirror are refined and sophisticated. The light reflecting from the mirror adds another layer of warmth, depth and elegance to the room.

Eco-friendly fixtures – Bathroom design has been focused on sustainability and water conservation for some time, but the technology continues to improve. Water-saving faucets, toilets and shower can cut back on wasted water by 30 percent or more without sacrificing performance.

Natural walls – Few people think of wood walls in the bathroom because the combination of natural wood and water is problematic. However, faux wood ceramic and porcelain tiles are a hot trend right now. Modern tiles very convincingly mimic the look of real wood, creating a natural and earthy vibe.

Electronics and appliances – The old rules have gone out the window. You can have any luxury you want inside the bathroom. There are mirrored cabinets with built-in TVs, digital showers with jets, heated floors, and bathtubs with soothing colored lights. Want to add a champagne fridge? Go for it. Veuve Cliquot matches splendidly with a bubble bath.

Freestanding tubs – If you have the space for a freestanding tub, it can be a striking design feature. The feel is spa-like and luxurious. There are many design options, including classic porcelain, copper and cedar.

Oversized showers – When space is an issue, some people decide to forgo the bathtub all together and opt for an oversized shower with features like a bench a rain shower head.

Designing for later years – More people are designing their bathrooms with aging in mind, opting for features like wider bathroom doors, seamless shower doors and curbless showers, which are easier to enter and exit.

Recycled glass tiles – Recycled glass creates an underwater-like feel. These mosaic tiles are often found in shades of blues and greens, although you can also opt for more neutral grays, creams and tans.

Cool cabinets – Like a refrigerator for the bathroom, cool cabinets are used to store water, perishable makeup items and skincare products, and medicines that require refrigeration. You can find medicine cabinets that are partially cooled for convenient and easy storage.

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