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Unique And Fun Painting Ideas For Kids

Tape Resist Flower

Guess how this lovely flower was painted; it’s both really easy and creative. The process is not difficult, although it is a little challenging. It’s remarkable how a fresh way of using tapes may unleash creativity you never thought possible. You must first use a piece of tape to create a flower shape, after which you may experiment with colour by filling in the spaces with vibrant flower paint colours like red, yellow, orange, and pink, while the backdrop can be painted with any hue, such as blue or green. Allow the painting to dry when you’re through, and then you may securely remove the tapes. Your painting will be in your possession.

Pour Paintings with Water Colors

With its extreme simplicity, this painting offers a perfect method for kids to learn about the creative process. You’re going to fall in love with this watercolour method since it’s simple to apply and produces very amazing results. Therefore, the materials required are thick watercolour paper, painters tape, a board that is just slightly larger than your paper, water and a brush, basic watercolours, a spray bottle for water, and a container to capture all the watercolour drips. Simply add some colour here and there, and the rest of the colour display magic will take care of itself. In a few minutes, you’ll have your amazing creation.

DIY Painted Rock Paper Dolls

Simply put, these rocks have been transformed into a very gorgeous creature that is not alive. These days, people present these pebbles by painting them and completely altering their appearance to make a noticeable change. Rocks (smooth rocks), craft paint, and paint markers will be required. On a rock piece, you are free to paint whatever you like, envision, or desire, such as doll faces or basic circle paintings. No one can even begin to picture what it looked like before it underwent its whole change, when it was just a basic rock.

Painted Shells

Although seashells are often white or grey in colour, there are no restrictions if you want them to be slightly coloured or altered from their natural appearance. Right? You may paint the entire shell with any colour, giving it a completely new and distinctive appearance. Therefore, the supplies required are a paintbrush, some paints, and seashells. You may create your own seashells that you can maintain for a long time in a box in only a few seconds using a very limited set of tools.

DIY Food coloring Painted Plates

With the help of this easy DIY plate painting project, you may dye the name of your plate. I would advise choosing this personalised plate if you’re searching for a present for someone that you want them to keep for a very long time. They will preserve it as a sentimental memento that will be treasured. And making one simply requires a few supplies, like food colouring paint, paint brushes, and a paper plate. Simply add a fashionable paint colour to the name to instantly make that plate unique.

Thumbprint Mason Jar Craft

We have heard and observed that these mason jars are no longer merely containers for use in the kitchen but can also be used for a variety of other things, such as lighting or as vases, as seen in the image below. With only a few little tweaks here and there, you can create an entirely new product. The easiest thing to make is a thumbprint mason jar to contain flowers. Start by painting a mason jar white. Next, just dip your thumb into each colour, print it directly onto the jar, and shape it into a flower like the thumbprint sunflower seen below.

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