This tiktok pasta has it all, big bold flavors, creamy comfort, and carbs!

The tiktok pasta everyone is talking about: baked feta pasta has it all, big bold flavors, creamy comfort, and carbs!

Baked feta pasta is the perfect fall comfort food: it’s creamy, tomato-y, and SO damn delicious. It’s probably the simplest pasta dish you’ll make this month and the reward is so high for an incredibly low effort.

What is tiktok pasta?

It’s super simple: cherry tomatoes are tossed with olive oil and placed in a baking dish with a block of feta. Everything gets baked up until the tomatoes burst, releasing their sweet and jammy flavors. The feta gets melty and oozy. You mix it all up into a quick sauce, toss in minced garlic, basil, crushed red pepper, and pasta. Boom, dinner is done!

Tiktok pasta is so good and easy

Sometimes the best kind of cooking is the kind that takes no time at all so you can spend more time with loved ones enjoying the food. I love that the prep time for this dish is so low and the actual hands on time is super low. If you can stir, you can make this dish.

The dominant flavors of this pasta are feta and tomatoes, it’s practically a two ingredient pasta. If you’re not a huge feta fan, you can definitely use another cheese – baked brie, cream cheese, or ricotta would be AMAZING.

How to make tiktok pasta

  1. Toss: In a baking dish, toss cherry tomatoes with olive oil. Place a block of feta in the middle and drizzle some oil on top.
  2. Bake: Bake the tomatoes and feta in the oven until the tomatoes burst and the cheese is melty.
  3. Cook: While the feta is in the oven, cook the pasta.
  4. Stir: When the tomatoes and feta are done, stir in some minced garlic, some crushed red pepper flakes, and the pasta, loosening with some pasta water if needed. Finish with fresh basil.
  5. Eat: That’s it! Scoop it up an enjoy a bowl of pure cheesy carby comfort.

What is baked feta pasta?

Baked feta pasta is a pasta dish that’s currently going viral on TikTok right now because it’s incredibly easy to make, tasty, and it looks good. It’s based off of a Greek appetizer, baked feta. The first mention of mixing baked feta with pasta was popularized by Finnish blogger Jenni Häyrinen . She called it uunifetapasta or baked feta pasta. Apparently feta pasta is incredibly popular in Finland because a couple of other bloggers also blogged about it as well.

Tiktok pasta ingredients

  • cherry tomatoes – the sweeter the better! There are so many types of mini tomatoes these days, from strawberry to grape to on the vine to heirloom. I used one package of classic cherry tomatoes and one package of cherry tomatoes on the vine.
  • feta – you’ll want to get a nice higher quality Greek feta since it’s the main flavor of the dish. Grab a block of feta, the kind that comes in a brine, not the crumbles. If you want a milder, creamier feta, try French feta, it’s less tart than Greek.
  • olive oil – most of the recipes I’ve seen call from anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 cup of olive oil. I went with 1/3 cup, you want enough to coat the tomatoes and feta while having a bit of oil pool at the bottom of your baking dish so the tomatoes are essentially doing a tomato confit type thing. Too little olive oil and your tomatoes will end up drying out.
  • pasta – you can use any shape you like, we went with casarecce the first time and rotini the second time and both were great.
  • garlic – a couple cloves of minced garlic are mixed in and the residual heat of the tomatoes mellows the sharpness out while still giving you a huge hit of garlicky goodness.
  • basil – fresh basil and tomatoes are perfect pairing. Slice some up to stir in and keep some extra leaves whole to garnish with!