This Easy Paper Flower Craft is so pretty and can be made in all your favourite colours. It’s a lovely Spring craft for kids to enjoy and is just perfect flower craft too.

This paper flower craft has looped petals and folded leaves that lift it off the page and give it a lovely 3D mode. Why not try our favourite thing which is to spray a touch of perfume onto the finished flowers  too! It adds an extra special touch especially if you’re giving them as a gift.

to see how super easy it is to make your own paper flowers and printable flower craft.

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Easy Paper Flower Craft

Supplies To Make Paper Flowers:

  • Free Printable Template
  • Colourful Craft Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Glue

How To Make Paper Flowers

1 – From pretty coloured paper, start out the pieces for your paper flower card using the free printable template.

2 –  Take two of the paper strips and glue them together in the middle to make a cross.

3 – Glue on two more strips diagonally to make an 8 pointed flower.

4 – Now take an side corner of one of the strips and glue it to the centre of the flower.

5 – Repeat with the other 7 strips.

6 – Take the spiral circular piece of paper and roll it from the tip all the way to the centre.

7  – Glue the spiral into the middle of the paper flower.

8 – Choose some cardstock to make a background for your flower card. You can double mount it if you like or fold it in half to make a greetings card.

9 – Glue the green flower stem onto the bottom of the card.

10 – Then glue the paper flower on to the top of the stem.

11 – Finish off your flower card by folding the leaves in half and glueing them to the stem.