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Easy DIY Indoor Plant Pots!

If you can draw lines and dots, you can make these inexpensive and fun modern indoor plant pots! All you need is pots and paint pens!

Anyone who’s spent time on my blog knows that I’m kind of giddy that indoor plants are making a huge comeback!

As a Kid, I LOVED Rainforest Cafe. I would have turned my bedroom into an indoor jungle if I was allowed to. Well now that I’m all grown up who’s going to stop me?

I don’t care if they’re real or fake, I want them in my house! But I’m finding that it’s not cheap to buy indoor plants…and then you have to find cool modern pots to put them in… and yes they need to be cool pots- not just any old thing!

How To Decorate Indoor Plant Pots

Let’s get started!

here’s what you’ll need:

  • plain plant pots (I used these NYPON pots from Ikea)
  • white medium-tip paint pen

vertical line pattern

I love this cute little concrete planter, so I used it as inspiration for my pattern. I love how it sort of mimics wood grain.

I started with a single vertical line down the pot. And then another broken line. They don’t need to be perfectly straight, which makes with really fast and easy.

I just continued the pattern all the way around the pot.

horizontal line pattern

Once I’d tried the vertical lines, I wanted to give horizontal lines a go too. I started at the top of the pot and continued around, breaking the lines every once in a while to make it more interesting.

I continued the pattern all the way to the base of the pot. DONE!

I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out, and they literally took less than ten minutes each!

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